Couple Abode – Walking through the Reno of 5 Room Resale

You probably have seen abundance of renovation photos online featuring your friend’s home, your neighbor’s home, your cousin’s home, or your boyfriend’s cousin’s home. Often, these photos are produced after completion of the renovation fully furnished and stylized. Looking at these astonishing photos you probably think that, renovation was perfect and magical. Beneath these photos, […]

Couple Abode FAQ – How To Start A Renovation

Let’s admit it, everyone has a first time. Sometimes we are just confused of where to start. Fret not, here’s some guideline for you:  1. Search for a Interior Designer A good timing to look for an Interior Designer would be 3-6 months before keys collection. Some designers have projects queue up to the next 3 […]

Walkthrough: Check Out How We Double Up The Size Of A Condominium

Finding an apartment that suits your needs for space, location, and overall comfort can be difficult in such cities as Singapore. Learning to maximize space by efficient space planning and using creative storage options can help you achieve more efficiency and space in your home.​  Check out this condominium at Waterfront @ Faber,  with abundant of daylight […]

Before + After – Turquoise Suprise, 4 Room HDB in Bishan

There’s nothing more entertaining than watching an old shabby house turn into a delightfully unique,comfortable space. Hence, we would like to share with you a dramatic transformation of this 4 room resale HDB in 232 Bishan St. Kitchen Before:  It’s mid-afternoon when the photo is taken, even though the light was on the house still appears to be dark […]