Couple Abode FAQ – How To Start A Renovation

Let’s admit it, everyone has a first time. Sometimes we are just confused of where to start. Fret not, here’s some guideline for you:

 1. Search for a Interior Designer

A good timing to look for an Interior Designer would be 3-6 months before keys collection. Some designers have projects queue up to the next 3 months ahead,  Arrange for a meet up, discuss through your requirements and budget. The designers would be grateful if you did some homework beforehand and clear of what do you plan to achieve in the end of renovation.  At Couple Abode, a quotation would takes around 3-5 days to come back, on peak period 7 days. This process would normally take around 1 or 2 months in searching for your ideal designer as homeowners usually compare 3-5 designers during the process.

2. Decide on a Interior Designer

After a few round of meeting with the designers, you certainly have a clearer picture on what you want to achieve in the end of your home renovation as well as having one or two designers you are very comfortable with. During the second meeting, the designers of Couple Abode would prepare a quotation and proper planning base on the last discussion.  After the long search for your ideal designer, usually homeowners will make the decision to move on with one designer at this stage; this mark the end of the search and you will finally be able to start on your accurate design and visuals. 

Let’s say if you started searching for designers 3 months before keys collection, 2 months back-and-forth in meeting of designers,  you will only have 1 month left for design and visual until the actual building work starts. If you had a tight timeline for your renovation, it is always better you start searching for designer earlier.  At Couple Abode, in order to keep good quality of work and services, we had to limit the quantity of project handle by each designer. At certain times,during peak period, we are fully booked up to 5 months ahead of current date. 

3. Design & Visualization 

At this stage you will be expecting to see colors and shapes of your future home. Our designers at Couple Abode requires 2-3 weeks to construct a 3D conceptualize drawings, for amendment of drawings are estimated 1 week ( if required ). While waiting for your 3D drawings, you could start shopping for furniture and lighting. You will be invited to our designer showroom for viewing of materials and color selection. This process would take roughly a month or two, usually two times of amendments to the drawings until a detailed carpentry construction drawings to be produced to you. 

4. Defect Check

You have passed all stage 1 to 4, finally you have gotten your keys of your new home. You are probably thinking that you could start building your dream home. But no, there a one last stage to go through before the real building works start. It is the defects check, at Couple Abode, our designers will provide the service to do defects check for your new home to make sure your new flat is in a good condition before carrying out the renovation works. All you will need to do is to turn on the SP services and bring along some tape with you. A usual time frame for the defects rectification  is approximately 2-4 weeks.

5. Building & Site Management

At last the long wait is over, you could finally see the visuals turning into reality. Building work would take an estimation of 6-8 weeks for a resale unit and 4-6 weeks for a new unit. The bigger scale the project the longer duration is needed to renovate the house, do consult the designer of the estimated time frame to avoid any disappointment. At certain times, a sudden changes in the design or construction might cause delay in the renovation. Do prevent making any abrupt changes during this stage if you had a tight timeline for your renovation. 

6. Furnishing & Styling

The renovation is finally over, you shall now have a clean, functional space. All you need now is to fill in the spaces. Picking a good piece of furniture is important, a wrong furniture and decor will break-up the harmony of the renovated room. Couple Abode provide styling services, our designer will assist in selecting furniture and decor making rooms or sets look amazing for beautiful photographs that appear in magazines and catalogs. 

Renovation and refurbishment of existing apartment is becoming more important these days as space and resources are often limited, especially in urban areas.  A good, comfortable home is important for modern people as we are living in a very stressful environment. Home is where we stay safe, relaxed and a place to restore energy in order to face another challenge tomorrow. 

A good interior designer will utilize spaces making them functional, beautiful, safe to live and assist home owners in site management for the least 

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