Our Services

Our interior design firm offers three main services – turnkey interior design, interior design consultation and furnishing. These services are provided in a cross-functional, flexible model allowing our clients to select any combination of the three to perfectly suit their needs.

How We work

Step 1

Initial Meet

Our first meet with the client at the showroom, where the client takes us through their vision. Our goal here is to understand the clients, their needs and their style preferences. The client is given an interior design catalogue with general design ideas to help formulate their vision along with the floorplan of their home. We discuss the scope of work and the budget to guide us on the design process.

Step 2


2nd meet with a moodboard. We bring the client through the process of choosing the right materials for each surface (walls, ceilings, floors, countertops, furniture etc.), a general layout and provide a no-obligation quote. The goal at this stage is to develop a conceptual design that corresponds with the client’s needs with an aesthetic that reflects their style.

This design is then refined with feedback from the client.

Step 3


A conceptual design in both 2D and 3D is presented to the client for feedback and further refinement. At this stage, we further delve into furnishings, lighting design, schematics and detailed plans of the key areas of the home including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living room. This is to ensure that the end result is an environment that is fully functional and cohesive.

Our goal here is to present to you a functional design that is as close to your dream home as possible.

What We do


No matter what your requirements are – whether you are looking to redesign your entire home or commercial space, or just looking for slight alterations to improve your space – our team of interior designers will meet them. We design interiors that suit your specific needs by combining conceptual designs with intricate technical designs. The result is a living, breathing, functional space that offers comfort and style. Our designs are not cobbled together using templates but derived from our years of study, our conversations with the client to discover their unique style and our drive to create a bespoke space that is both creative as well as practical.


Our design team works closely with our select group of renovation partners to ensure that the conceptual design, schematics and schedules we created are translated into reality – this includes furniture, fittings and equipment along with layout, elevation, joinery, features and lighting . We work only with partners who share our commitment to quality and are as passionate about their work as we are to ours. From conception to completion, we closely monitor the renovation to ensure that work progresses smoothly, on time and on budget.


As part of our bespoke designs, we like to include accessories, unique statement pieces and furniture to suit the various interior spaces of our clients and their personality. As the renovation comes close to completion, we then focus on the sourcing and procurement of furnishings to suit the environment. We also ensure quality control as well as delivery coordination, installation and placement of the various furnishings we procure. The end result? A comfortable living space that is sophisticated, trendy and timeless and one that compliments your personal style. Truly, your dream home.

Turnkey Solution

As we provide these three key interior design services, we are able to provide a complete turnkey solution to our clients’ residential or commercial interior design needs, while acting as the single point of contact. It is simple, streamlined and effective and affordable as we are able to tweak each step of the process to suit your budget. It also adds flexibility as we understand that a client may not require all three services, so we offer a choice of any combination of these services. For example, you may wish for just a design consultation, or renovation or only furnishings. You could also opt for interior design plus furnishings without the renovation option, or design plus renovation without furnishings. You, the client are our priority. We are here to provide you with what you need for your dream space, be it residential or commercial.

To discuss your needs and for any questions, reach us by phone, on Whatsapp or leave us a message

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