Couple Abode Pte Ltd is an award winning boutique interior design firm based in Singapore. We have a collaborative approach with our clients, using our design expertise to bring about your dream interior; realising a conceptual design that suits your tastes and needs. We work closely with few trusted interior designers, contractors, builders & architects to achieve auspicious & quality results.

Couple Abode was established on 2017 by husband and wife Chally and Alson. Combining our professional background in the design field, we are committed to providing clear, practical design solutions and creating beautiful spaces. Responding to our clients’ lifestyle, we create highly tailored and personalised design from concept to delivery.

Leading a team of passionate & professional interior designers, we strive to be distinctive from sales-driven, run-off-the-mill interior designers. Our focus is always on creating spaces that are sophisticated, refined and genuinely reflecting a client’s personality or brand. Each designer on the team goes through years of rigorous on-the-job training before taking on individual projects to ensure they deliver professional, high quality interior designs.

Our Design Philosophy

We believe that home design should enhance the lives of the occupants. It should be an oasis of comfort and relaxation, away from the stress and chaos from the outside world.

We bring this philosophy to fruition through our design choices and the contractors and partners we collaborate with – those who share our design philosophy and commitment to deliver quality work. Our belief that interior design should be a balance of form and function is reflected in all our work. And when designing home interiors, we create spaces with warmth and comfort as well as a style that reflects the client’s personality.

Your style. Your personality. Your comfort. Your home.
Our Vision.


We approach every project with a commitment to a clear and cohesive living space, and as such believe in honest dialogue with the client on whether or not their ideas would gel with the overall design. Honest feedback, quality and affordability are three unshakeable pillars of our service.

We are a young interior design firm that has won several awards including the Qanvast trust 2020 and Singapore’s Finest awards due to our professional work ethic, commitment to excellence and trendy designs. All our designers are full-trained interior design professionals who are in-the-know for the latest trend in interior design. 

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