Walkthrough: Check Out How We Double Up The Size Of A Condominium

Finding an apartment that suits your needs for space, location, and overall comfort can be difficult in such cities as Singapore. Learning to maximize space by efficient space planning and using creative storage options can help you achieve more efficiency and space in your home.​ 

Check out this condominium at Waterfront @ Faber, 

with abundant of daylight streaming in near the window, the designers of Couple Abode designed a bright, airy SOHO apartment catering to the usage of the family of five.
A japanese tatami inspired storage platform was built in the living room serving as the children’s play area meanwhile the parent could look after their kids from his home office above the living area.

Each room was designed to the maximum function of space where the loft, doubles up the storage spaces, working area and bed area simultaneously. 

Wanted to know how we do it?  Hit in the video !


For full preview of project,  Waterfront @ Faber  

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