Fernvale Acres @ Sengkang


Design Style:

Located in Fernvale Lane of Sengkang estate, team CA is tasked to design the client’s first home focused on elegantly whitewashed ambiance. The renovation mainly centered on the kitchen and toilet areas, while the rest of the rooms were creatively designed with a mix of versatile furniture and cozy soft furnishings. This approach allows the young clients to enjoy greater flexibility as they embark on life’s exciting journey, knowing they can easily adapt their living spaces to suit any changes that may come their way. The house boasts an intriguing layout, featuring the kitchen directly facing the main entrance door, while the dining area is uniquely positioned at the center of the hallway, between the living room and kitchen. Our design strategy maximizes the abundant natural light pouring in from numerous windows, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The use of white walls and wooden finishes on the furnishings and custom cabinets enhances the cozy ambiance further. The end result is a professionally crafted, comfortable, and expansive home that exudes a sense of luxury and indulgence, ensuring a truly gratifying living experience for its occupants.


Young couple in their 30's


5 Room | 

115 sqm

New / Resale


Renovation Duration

6 weeks

Project Price

SGD 55000

Works Included

  • Carpentry

  • Furniture & Appliances

  • Electrical Re-wiring

  • Paint Job

  • Tiling Works

  • Hacking Works

  • Flooring Works

  • Window Works