5 Room Sumang Walk


Design Style:

In curating a space that could serve as the couple’s home base, our client asked for our help in creating a spacious abode with functional built-in that suited their needs. The brief is creating a comfortable living environment with a defined space of the sleeping area, storage, work area, dining, kitchen & a hall to gather. To counter the storage issue, our designer designed an L-shaped customized wardrobe connected to the master bedroom with a matching customized sliding door to segregates the room. The neutral color palette was introduced to the abode for a bright, non-cluttered feeling. To turn up the wow-factor, our designer selected the clients favorite color in the living room & bedroom to replace a feature wall while adding the homeowner’s character into space.


Young couple in 20s


5 Room | 

110 sqm

New / Resale


Renovation Duration

6 Weeks

Project Price

SGD 42000

Works Included

  • Carpentry

  • Electrical Re-wiring

  • Paint Job

  • Tiling Works

  • Ceiling Works

  • Window Works

  • Door Works