2 Bedroom Poiz Condo


Design Style:

It’s a new condo with existing flooring and kitchen cabinet ready. Client is a toys collector, he collect toys and vinyl records from the 60s and 70s and he wanted many cabinet to showcase his collections.We wanted to make sure that client collection catch the centre of attention, hence we proposed full height glass cabinet along the wall all the way to the living area. The vinyl records, was used as a design element for the tv feature wall instead. Every shelf was customised and fit to size for their own records. For the dining, we customised a pull out island at the kitchen for the client to be able to sit and watch his collection.


Couple in their 50s


2 Room | 

90 sqm

New / Resale


Renovation Duration

6 Weeks

Project Price

SGD 28000

Works Included

  • Carpentry

  • Electrical Re-wiring

  • Paint Job

  • Feature Walls

  • Ceiling Works

  • Window Works

  • Door Works