4 Room Sumang Walk


Design Style:

It was a 4 room bto with hdb flooring. Client decided to came to us after browsing through our portfolio on our website. The request was to create a chic, trendy home for the duo, not too overcrowded and have enough for their future baby. Brass finish lightings and furnishing are really in the trend during the renovation period and we decided to put together two hottest elements during the time, The color- Royal Green and brass texture. The homeowner didn’t want their home to be too showy and we neutralized the elements with white walls and timber finish later. Client loved the concept and result.


Young couple in 20s


4 Room | 

110 sqm

New / Resale


Renovation Duration

6 Weeks

Project Price

SGD 42000

Project Challenges

It wasn’t easy to be the most trendy people in town. With the arising demand for the hottest brass finish furnitures and lightings, the prices are sky-high and stressing our budget. We got the client to do some slight adjustment to their furniture options and use the remain budget to purchase home décor instead. Doing this, we achieve the looks we wanted and we did not need to compromise to the result.

Works Included

  • Carpentry

  • Electrical Re-wiring

  • Paint Job

  • Tiling Works

  • Ceiling Works

  • Hacking Works

  • Window Works

  • Door Works