5 Room BTO Sengkang


Design Style:

Nestled in Sengkang- one of the most popular estates we love to call home, a young couple turned to Couple Abode to make their first home both practical & timelessly stylish. Taking a peek into the abode, a brown leather sofa, paired with fine-grain stone inspired-tiles creates an elegant multi-texture look that captures the guest’s attention at first sight. Following that, our designer cleverly selects and combines the color navy blue in the cabinet design, giving a tweak to space. With effective space planning for the use of the duos, we transformed the suggested study into the couple’s hobby spaces- a lounge where they could chill and view their favorite souvenir bought during their vacation or work to be the next Ip man, practice wing chun with their wooden dummy. While fundamentally the contemporary style is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, and clean lines, the two bathrooms take on two different approaches. The master bathroom focus on creating a stylish and elegant look with lines and wooden alike tiles while the common bathroom takes on a more lively, full of character mood. The final result is a timeless, sophisticated home for the young couple.


Young Couple in 20s


5 Room | 

113 sqm

New / Resale


Renovation Duration

6 Weeks

Project Price

SGD 50000

Works Included

  • Carpentry

  • Electrical Re-wiring

  • Paint Job

  • Tiling Works

  • Flooring Works

  • Window Works

  • Door Works