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The visionaire Condominium


5 room HDB


5 Room HDB


The visionaire Condominium


5 room HDB


5 Room HDB
Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer in Singapore

Modern homeowners want to live in luxury and style, but not every Singapore resident has in-depth knowledge of current design trends. That’s where interior designers come in. Read on to find out about a few of the most compelling reasons to hire a home interior designer in Singapore to find out why these consultants’ services are worth the money.


Professional Assessment

A good interior designer can offer his or her clients a professional assessment of their current homes. This is the first step toward coming up with a design plan that will improve the space, so it’s important to work with a designer from step one. These professionals are trained to notice things about clients’ homes that the homeowners themselves are likely to miss, allowing designers to more accurately assess what they must take to improve them.


Help with Staying Under Budget

An interior designer in Singapore will have his or her client’s budget in mind throughout the design process. Since experienced designers already know what options are available, they can often suggest affordable alternatives that meet their clients’ stylistic needs. If a designer doesn’t have a particular product in mind, he or she will research budget-friendly options and present them to the client, saving everyone tons of time.


Industry Contacts

A reliable interior designer in Singapore will have created relationships in his or her industry that can help clients save additional money, time, and headaches. He or she can recommend reputable contractors, act as a liaison between these contractors and clients, and provide access to resources that would otherwise be unavailable. Many designers also have vendor contacts, helping them find affordable options for their clients.


Incredible Results

Designers see the big picture. While homeowners focus on particular pieces that they like, interior designers can pull all of them together to create a unified aesthetic appeal. The result will be a home that wows every visitor who walks through its doors.


Facilitate Home Sales

Homeowners who plan to sell will find that potential buyers appreciate the work of experienced interior designers just as much as they do. Improving the aesthetic of the home can attract more buyers and speed up sales by allowing buyers to see the property’s true potential.

Thank you very much Alson & Chally for the great job handling the renovation for my BTO. Everything was completed within schedule and workmanship was good. Communication was 2 way which I appreciate alot. If you're looking for a smooth renovation journey with an id who is willing to listen to your opinions and provide you good suggestions, please look up Alson & Chally!

Keith Hiap
Kanso HDB, May 20

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